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 College of Medicine Hosts Cancer Awareness and Education Campaign on World Cancer Day

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - The College of Medicine at Imam Mohammad ibn Saud Islamic University took the initiative to raise awareness and educate the community about cancer on the occasion of World Cancer Day. The event, titled 'Cancer Awareness,' was organized by the Student Council in collaboration with the General Directorate of Social Responsibility and Community Service. The campaign took place in the evening of Sunday, February 4, 2024, at Riyadh Park Mall and was led by Dr. Issa N. Al-Salmi, a renowned specialist in blood cancers and stem cells from the Internal Medicine Department.


The primary focus of the campaign was to emphasize the significance of community awareness in terms of screenings, prevention, and early detection of tumors for effective disease control and surgical intervention. Dr. Al-Salmi highlighted the university's commitment to social responsibility, which was demonstrated through the active involvement of the College of Medicine in such initiatives. He commended the support received from the university's President, Dr. Ahmed S. Al-ameri, and praised the efforts made by the students, whose active participation greatly impacted a large portion of society during the campaign.


Dr. Abdulrahman M. Nasri, an expert in internal medicine and blood diseases, played a vital role in educating visitors at the university's informational booth. He underlined the importance of early detection in improving the quality of medical services provided to patients.


The coordination of the campaign involved several individuals, including Dr. Reem Al-Huthail, the President of the Giving Club, Abdulmajeed I. Al-Attiwi, and students from various levels of the College of Medicine. They actively engaged with attendees, addressing their queries and underscoring the significance of raising cancer awareness within the community.


The campaign also featured a remote educational session titled 'Cancer Prevention.' The session was delivered by Dr. Alaa M. Al-Juhani, an expert in pathology and diseases of the breast and female reproductive system, and Dr. Abdulrahman M. Nasri. The discussion encompassed the most common types of cancer in Saudi Arabia, risk factors, environmental influences, and the role of preventive vaccinations in combating cancer.


The campaign coincided with World Cancer Day, an annual observance on February 4th. This event showcased the university's unwavering commitment to promoting health awareness, disease prevention, and education among the public.





2/5/2024 3:21 PM
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