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 The Strategic Plan


​​The Strategic plan of the University ( 2021-2025)

Aiming to develop its vision and mission to conform to the aspirations of the wise leadership and the Saudi Vision 2030, the university has launched its new strategic plan 2021-2025.The plan seeks to provide outstanding academic programs and research production, through a stimulating environment, governance systems, advanced technology, sustainable resources and effective partnerships; in order to achieve competitive outcomes that meet the needs of the labour market and contribute in developing the national economy and serving the community. The University's strategic plan focused on six main areas:

  •  Education, learning and acquisition.

  •  Research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

  •  Partnerships and community responsibility.

  •  Institutional excellence.

  •   Financial sustainability.

  •   National awareness.

The objectives of the new strategic plan were formulated in accordance with the ambitious vision 2030 towards competitiveness, domestic and international excellence in education, research and innovation, financial sustainability, excellence in institutional performance, governance of procedures, encouragement of moderate personality and suppression of extremism and partisanship. To continue to lead the university locally and globally, this plan has been based on achieving a number of priorities through excellence initiatives based on strengths, opportunities and potential.