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 Facts and Figures



​​Date of Establ​ishment:

Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University represented in the College of Sharia was founded in 1373 AH (1954) and developed into a university in 1394 AH (1974).

​University Rector: ​​

His Excellency Prof. Dr. Ahmed bin Salem Al-Ameri.


The university's main campus is located in Riyadh, and it occupies an area of 7,029,034 square meters including the University City for Male Students with an area of 2,769,724 square meters and King Abdullah City for Female Students with an area of 1,701,885 square meters.

​​Main Administr​​​​​​​ative Units at the Universit​​y:

Main Administrative Units of the University.png

​The Main​ Educational Units at the University:​

The Main Educational Units of the University.png

Educational Units (Faculties of the main university headquarters in Riyadh) :

Educational Units.png

Educational Units ( institutes of the main university headquarters in Riyadh) :

Institutes of the main university headquarters in Riyadh.png

Faculties​ of local university branches:

Faculties of local university branches.png

U​​niversity Students:


University Faculty Members:

University Faculty Members.png

University Workforce:​

Scientific Publishing:

Scientific research occupies a prominent place in light of the ongoing expansion of higher education institutions, including Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University. The university has recently taken significant steps towards the development and enhancement of its scientific research system. One of the most significant quality requirements that the university has started to adopt its modern concepts for is that it has supported scientific research with all of its capabilities and taken care of strategic planning in response to the requirements of dealing positively with the future. Given the importance of encouraging and supporting university faculty members to conduct scientific research, the university has started a number of projects that strengthen institutional structures and offer sustainable support for scientific research. By publishing research and working papers in conferences and scholarly journals, the university has attempted to meet its objectives. In 1444 AH, the university published research that reached about 3525. Over the previous five years, the university has published research findings in international observatories, totaling over 11223 detailed research publications. These findings are as follows:

Research Published in the International Research Institutions

over the Last Five Years (2018-2022​):

Research Published in the International Research​ Institutions: