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 safety procedures


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What to do during an emergency?

​Because we care about the safety of our students, employees and visitors, here are some safety tips that you must follow during an emergency.

An emergency can occur without a prior notice for different reasons. Be ready to act in the right way.

During an emergency


University Operations 0112590222

Medical Center 0112590991

Fire Department 998

Ambulance  997

Traffic Department 911

When you hear the fire alarm goes off, immediately go to the assembly points outside the building. Walk, do not run. Avoid pushing and crowding, and do not use elevators.

​Push the emergency alarm button, call Fire Department at 998 or Security Emergency -0112590222, Use the appropriate fire extinguisher if necessary. ​

​Stay calm. Push the alarm button in the elevator. Call Security Emergency - 0112590222​

​Call Security Emergency- 0112590222. Immediately switch off the main electricity switch. Use the appropriate fire extinguisher.​

​Go to a safe place. Call Fire Department-998. Call for an ambulance-997 if someone is injured.​

​Physical hazards may negatively affect the health and life of workers if they exceed the permissible limit. To avoid any damage they may cause, make sure to offer places with an appropriate environment.  It is also important to eliminate the source of any potential danger by replacement, and/or isolation.​

​Leave the place immediately. Call Security Emergency- 0112590222. Do not use any chemicals unless you are very careful and have enough knowledge.​