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 Local Committee for the Ethics of Research on Living Creatures at Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University (IMSU)


​​​In light of the need to establish common standards for the ethics of biomedical research, the Supreme Order No. 7/ B /9512 of 1422/5/18 A.H. established a national committee called (the National Bioethics and Medical Committee); for the purpose of establishing, implementing and following up the standards of biomedical research and ethics.

As a complement to the Integrated Ethical Research Control System, a Cabinet Resolution No. 321 of 1431/9/13 E on the approval of the System of Ethics for Research on Living Creatures was issued, followed by the National Bioethics Committee's issuance of its Executive Regulation, in 1433H.

​Imam Mohammed Bin Saud Islamic University has hastened to set up a local research ethics committee, as stated in the System of Ethics for Research on Living Creatures and its Executive Regulation issued by King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology.

The Local Committee for Research Ethics at IMSU was registered with the National Committee for Bioethics on 23/1/1438 AH (HAPO-01-R-011) Following the same approach and applying the Executive Regulation of the System of Ethics for Research on Living Creatures. the IMSU Committee has developed an internal regulation in which the working mechanism was specified; to regulate the work of the Committee and the subcommittees of various university colleges which in turn helps to assist faculty and researchers and to disseminate the awareness of research ethics in IMSU.

                                                      Internal Review Board (IRB) for Ethics in research on living Creatures at IMSIU

The primary mission of the IRB is to ensure the protection of rights, privacy and welfare of all human participants in research programs conducted by faculty, professional staff and students. The UNI's IRB committee for Biomedical and medical research ensure that the research ethics comply with the National Committee of Biomedical Ethics Guidelines. 

see National Committee of Biomedical Ethics Guidelines 

Please follow the guidelines :


Click here for the application form.​

Upload the application document

 Questionnaire and consent form should be submitted with the application

 The PI should be a faculty or a MD consultant included in the research team

 Signature of the participating faculty/consultant and principal investigator is required

 Indicate the name of all members of the research team in English only

 Include the CV of faculty member or consultant and PI

 Supervisor signature at page 6 of the form confirming that research project has not started

 A detailed Literature review with references. Minimum 500 words plus references

 Complete all sections of the applications

 The location of the study, design and description of execution plan all should be detailed. Minimum 300 words

 Arabic translation of the title has been checked

Frequentiy Asked Questions:

1/ Is the principal researcher required to be a faculty member only?

No, it's fine for a principal researcher to join from outside the university, but as a consultant who must be at the same​ rank title.

2/ If there are researchers from outside the university, can we apply and obtain approval from the Research Ethics Committee?


3/I am not collecting any personal information in my research project, do I still need the IRB for a review?

Yes, if your research project involves data gathering, then, the IRB regulations require that all research, involving interference with human participants, must be presented regardless of whether or not personal information is being gathered.

4/ I'm doing a Case study, do I need IRB for a review?


5/ I am planning a pilot study to help improve my data collection procedures and tools; Do I need the IRB for a review?

No, if the sole objective of this pilot study is to determine the feasibility of a larger study as well as to help to improve data collection procedures and tools or to prepare a better research design, beside there is no intention to disseminate the results of the pilot study as research data since the pilot study will be conducted on a small scale.

6/Can I make any change in the IRB information after taking the approval as changing the name of a researcher due to a spelling error or other?

With the approval of the committee, yes of course you can.