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 Administration of Faculty & Staff Housing and Parking

​​Advantages of Faculty Staff Members:

Functions of the Housing Department of Faculty Staff Members

To create an appropriate environment and to provide all service that helps the comfort and satisfaction of the residents, are among the most functions the management seeks to achieve.
Supervision & Service Department:

A- Service Unit:

      • Issuing circulars and instructions for housing and distributed them to all faculties and departments.
      • Receive requests for housing and follow-up its ratification from the faculty staff members’ affairs deanship.
      • Carry out the work of the secretariat of the Permanent Committee for Housing of faculty staff members.
      • Follow-up to update the residents’ data.
      • Prepare the waiting lists and updating it continuously. 
      • Supervise over the preparation of housing application forms (Housing Units Application Form - Services Application Form).
      • Supervise the preparation of a handbook on the definition of the built-in equipments in the housing and its manner to use.
      • Prepare a special telephone directory for housing.
      • Cooperate with supervision unit in processing for events held at the housing premises (Invitations, Guidance Billboards).
      • Receive the views and proposals of the residents and lifting them to the competent authorities to examine them. 
      • Monitor the e-administration site and keeping update.
      • Issuing permits for a residence’s drivers.

B-  Supervision Unit: 

      • Supervise all buildings housing as well as its facilities and report about them.
      • Inspect the housing premises and its facilities housing and report to Maintenance Department.
      • Handing residents their housing units as well as receiving them in case of evacuation. 
      • Supervise and processing for events held in housing facilities.
      • Deliver residents with speeches and circulars issued by the Administration. 
      • Handing residents copies of the keys of their housing units at the signing of the contract and receiving them at the end of the contract.
      • Precede vacant units for maintenance work and make sure that they closed after completion of the work. 
      • Cooperate with the Department of Public Relations in the supervision of hospitality housing and processing appropriate furniture.
      • Cooperate with the Department of Campus Safety and Security in supervising of university housing’s drivers. 
      • Cooperate with the Department of Campus Safety and Security in the application of laws and regulations of the university housing and reporting about those who violate them.
      • Circulate of service bills at the allocated boxes to that.
      • Supervise of billboards in the area of buildings as well as the mosque.

Accounting & Contracts Department:

     • Sign contracts with the residents. 
     • Follow-up the deposit of related insurance amounts at its special bank account.
     • Design a special record of insurance amounts and adopt its reductions for the reform of the damage caused, if any, by the resident in his unit or in the housing facilities.
     • Follow-up to deduct a rent of housing unit from the monthly salary of the resident.
     • Supervise the administration accounts and requesting periodic statements from the bank. 
     • Issue special billing services (Electricity, Water, and Phone) and follow-up its payment.
     • Prepare the records of the evacuation of housing units.
     • Make clearance of services invoices.
     • Re-fund the insurance sum to the resident whom evacuates from the housing unit after making sure of no dues exists.

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