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 The Intellectual Awareness Unit host a lecture titled "Social Perception and Intellectual Awareness

On Monday May 20th, 2024, the Intellectual Awareness Unit at Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud University hosted a lecture titled "Social Perception and Intellectual Awareness" in the main hall of the College of Arabic Language, and it was delivered by Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Kaltham. The goal of the lecture was to really drive home the concepts of social perception and intellectual awareness. Dr. Al-Kaltham stressed how social perception is a crucial part of how individuals interact in any social situation. He explained that we all automatically form impressions about others' personality traits, attitudes, intentions, and behaviors - and these impressions are key to how we adapt to the social environment around us, and the the need to reinforce sound, Islamic thinking and behavior in the community, and to protect it against any misguided ideas or conduct. This, he said, would allow individuals to maintain their dignity, while also helping the nation achieve security, stability, and progress.


Additionally, Dr. Al-Kaltham took the time to clarify the distinction between the "brain" and the "mind." The brain, he explained, is the physical organ located in the skull that controls all bodily functions, including mental and physical ones. The mind, on the other hand, refers to our cognitive and intellectual capacities - things like thinking, awareness, and memory.


In the end, the lecture underscored how social perception involves understanding others' feelings and thoughts, while intellectual awareness encompasses critical thinking and logical analysis.​

5/22/2024 3:50 PM
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