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 His Excellency, the President of Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud University meets with heads of student advisory councils

His Excellency, the President of Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud University, Prof. Ahmed S. Al-Ameri, met with the heads of the university's student advisory councils and the representatives of the Higher Advisory Council Committee from all colleges, on the morning of Tuesday, May 21st, 2024, in the round hall at the conference building in the university city. The meeting was attended by the Vice President for Educational Affairs, Dr. Fahad S. Al-Luhaidan, the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Abdul Rahman M. Al-Kharashi, and all the vice deans of Student Affairs.

His Excellency welcomed the attendees, emphasizing his constant effort to effectively contribute to developing the university environment in terms of educational, pedagogical, and research aspects and enhancing the concept of transparency and integrity in the educational environment.


In his speech during the meeting, His Excellency pointed out that these councils are an opportunity for students to express their opinions, fostering constructive and purposeful criticism and contributing to enriching the university student's character, making them responsible citizens who balance their humanitarian and social roles. This nurtures the values of citizenship among students through pride in their country, its resources, and its social heritage. He affirmed his keen interest in these meetings to understand and address students' issues and solve the problems they face during their academic journey.


On his part, the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Kharashi, highlighted the significant importance of forming these student advisory councils for the benefit of university students. These councils help identify students' issues, understand the challenges related to student services, work on addressing them, monitor their quality, present their views on these issues, and devise and discuss plans for their approval.


The student advisory councils are formed for an academic year under the chairmanship of the University President, with membership including the Vice President for Educational Affairs, the Dean of Student Affairs, the Vice Dean of Student Affairs for Programs and Activities, the Vice Dean for Student Affairs for Female Students, and the heads of the student advisory councils of all university colleges, as well as the Secretary of the Student Advisory Councils at the Deanship of Student Affairs.


The student advisory councils work on holding meetings of the Higher Council for Student Councils, reviewing reports from the council secretariat, making necessary recommendations, making amendments, and approving them. Additionally, they address and suspend the membership of members, represent the university in scientific forums, and participate in seminars through research, studies, and working papers.


5/22/2024 3:37 PM
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