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 Saudi universities are organizing a forum for their graduates in Thailand next Wednesday.


Saudi universities, represented by Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, Islamic University in Al-Madinah, and Umm Al-Qura University, are organizing a forum for their graduates in Thailand on the 6th to 8th of December 2023 in Bangkok.

The forum aims to enhance Saudi-Thailand relations in educational and research aspects and clarify the true image of Islam with its values of moderation and balance. It also seeks to highlight graduates' efforts in preserving their identity, strengthening their sense of belonging, contributing to promoting the correct Islamic approach, and showcasing participants' efforts in disseminating and correcting misconceptions about Islam through the principles of moderation and balance.

The forum also aims to strengthen the universities' connection with their graduates, attend to their affairs, support collaboration opportunities, enhance relations between Saudi and Thai universities, and emphasize the role of Saudi university graduates in Thai civil society to serve their community and contribute to nation-building.

The forum includes diverse dialogues, reviewing graduates' efforts in expressing the correct Islamic creed, spreading the principles of moderation, and correcting misconceptions about Islam. Sessions also address the dangers of deviating from the correct path, discussing how graduates can enhance their role in serving Islamic and national issues. Along with an exhibition and activities for the participating universities, the forum also includes a number of training sessions and specialized scientific seminars.​

12/30/2023 6:45 PM
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