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 Information Technology Dean Meets Computer College Students

​Dr. Waleed Abdulaziz Al-Jandal, Acting Dean of Deanship of Information Technology, has recently met with a group of students from college of Computer and Information headed by Dr. Muhammad Al-Otaibi. Dr. Al-Jandal has welcomed the students and kept them abreast briefly about the services and latest technology that offered by his administration.

In significance with the students’ visit, they had toured at the network operations centre “NOC” and enlightened about key role of it in securing services. They, also, briefed about the equipments and software used there.

In similar vein, they visited the database centre and the administration of information security, where they introduced with the tasks of the administration and techniques used. Students of College of Computer, likewise, had updated about the virtual private network “VPN” communications for employees of the university and to what extent it advancing the business and activities of the university.

At the last of their visit, students were voiced their admiration about what they have seen of the latest technologies in various fields

5/8/2018 3:47 PM
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