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 Privacy Poicy

  • Introduction​

  • Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University is an educational system that provides an educational and cultural environment that meets the needs of the academic institution while also moving forward with the development of its human cadres. The institution also helps to advance human development by providing a variety of study programs at various levels.
    Depending on the information presented below, you can communicate through a variety of channels:

    Contact information:

    Specialized Team: Data Management Office
    Address: Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

  • What kind of personal information is collected?

  • We collect the minimum personal data of beneficiaries that fulfils the purposes for which it was obtained. Personal data covers the following categories:
    • The university requires basic personal data such as name, gender, ID number, country, marital status, and other personally identifiable information.
    • Contact Information: This includes phone numbers, emails, and personal addresses.
    • Account data: including usernames and passwords for university platforms and applications.
    • Technical data may include your IP address, login information, browser type and version, date range, location settings, browser plug-ins and cookies.
    • Financial Data: This includes payment information such account numbers and credit card details.

  • How and why is personal data collected?

  • Some of the personal data that we process is collected directly from you when using

    • Services: registration through online platforms or services.
    • Communication: using university communication channels.
    • Polls
    • Electronic registration forms.

    We also obtain some personal data indirectly, from the following sources:

    • Data submitted to us by other entities, such as the government or private companies that support or provide services to beneficiaries.
    • The university website collects technical data such as IP address, login data, browser type and version, date range, location settings, browser plug-in types and versions and cookie information.

  • How do we use your personal data?

  • How do we use your personal data?

    We use personal data gathered directly or indirectly in the following ways:
    • Provide services by completing the required data.
    • Allow beneficiaries to access communication services.
    • Improve the beneficiary experience by resolving issues and concerns through all contact channels.
    • Processing personal data to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

  • How do we share your personal data?

  • In accordance with the university's data sharing policy, we may share your necessary personal data with government or non-governmental entities authorized to perform government services for specific purposes based on legal grounds or a justified practical need aimed at achieving a public interest without endangering national interests or individual privacy. When sharing your personal data, we take care to do so in a secure and dependable environment that adheres to the applicable laws, rules, and policies. At the same time, the university takes additional steps to ensure that your personal data is protected by signing a data sharing agreement between the university and external parties in line with terms and conditions compatible with the principles of data sharing.

  • The systematic basis for the collection and processing of your personal data

  • According to the Personal Data Protection Law, the legal basis on which we depend for processing this data is as follows:

    • Your clear consent, which you can cancel at any moment by contacting us using the information provided above.
    • Complying with rules and regulations is a mandatory requirement.

  • How do we store your personal data?

  • Your personal data is stored securely in accordance with the primary national rules for personal data protection within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's geographical limits. All of this is done to ensure the digital national sovereignty of this data, provided that the personal data is disposed of and destroyed in a secure manner that avoids loss, misuse, or unauthorized access, in line with the relevant legislation and instructions.

  • Your rights regarding the handling of your personal data:

  • • You have the right to be informed about the legal basis and purpose for collecting your personal data. We will not treat your data in a way that contradicts the purpose for which you consented.
    • The ability to view, access, and request correction, completion, or updating of your personal data, as well as the ability to receive a copy of it in a readable format via Tawasul system.
    • The ability to use Tawasul system to update any error, incompleteness, or inaccuracy you find in your personal data.
    • Right to data deletion: Unless there is a legal provision dictating a specific retention time or contractual obligations, the subject of personal data has the right to request the destruction of his personal data under specified conditions.

  • How can you submit a complaint or objection?

  • If you have any issues or are not in accordance with the Personal Data Protection System, you can file a complaint with Imam University's Data Management Office via one of the communication methods listed above.
    If you are dissatisfied with how we use your personal data or if the Data Office of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University does not resolve your issue within 30 days, you may file a complaint with the National Data Management Office.
    Address for the National Data Management Office
    Saudi Arabia

  • Updates

  • The privacy policy was last updated on December 26, 2023.
    The university reserves the right to revise the privacy policy and its contents without previous notification to you, unless there are major changes, in which case we will tell you. You accept this policy by using our website and all of our other official channels, and you are required to stay informed about it.