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 Admissions at Preparatory Course:


​​​Admissions mechanism unto the preparatory semester has been changed, where applicant must sent his/her documents throughout “Free Jameai Service”, which offered by Al-Imam University in tandem with Saudi Post. It should have been noting that, Al-Imam University is not responsible for students whom are not clinching their admission procedures.

For more information, kindly browse the following page: Preparatory Semester

Admission terms of Online Advanced Program:

1. Applicant must hold a secondary school certificate attested by Ministry of Education.

2. Applicant must be one of the citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council or resident legally in the Kingdom.

3. Applicant must be familiar with how to use computer and the internet.

4. Applicant must sent his/her documents throughout EMS to Deanship of eLearning and Distance Education within the specified dates.

5. Applicant must register his/her academic units after 48 hours of paying the tuition fees.

Acceptable and Unacceptable Secondary School Certificates:

All secondary school certificates are acceptable by Al-Imam University for Online Advance Program, including Scientific, Scientific or Literary Stream, Memorizing Holy Quran, Humanities Stream, Sharia Stream). Academic streams that could not meet the requirements of Saudi Ministry of Education have been excluding, click here to review them.

Unacceptable secondary school certificates are here.

Required Documents of Preparatory Course:

1- High school certificate (Transcript)

2- A copy of ID card, or a copy of the family ID card (for girls).

3- Four new photographs (4x6) (student only).

4- Attach EMS form

Key Notes:

Required documents must be handling and sending through Express Mail Service “EMS” (To get close with EMS offices click here).

GCC citizens can send their documents by any reliable express mail, such as DHL, FedEx, and documents should be send to the following address after making sure that they are complete:

Deanship of eLearning and Distance Learning

Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

Way to pay the tuition fees:

Preparation course fees: 2500 R.S.

1) Any specials fees 2500 R.S

2) Paying must be clinch through Al-Rajhi Bank, to get more information about the paying process, click here.

Available Academic Majors in Advanced Online Program:

After passing the preparation course successfully, Deanship of eLearning and Distance Learning offers a number of academic majors, with an intention to increase them, namely:

1. College of Sharia

    •  Sharia major

2. College of Sharia and Islamic Studies (El-Ahsa):

    •  Accounting Major

    •  Law Major

- Admissions to Law Major is stipulating as follows:

1) GPA of applicant student must not be less than 80 % (Very Good).

2) Availability while registration.

3) Final admission will be announcing after verifying presented data and SMS will be send after two weeks from the application date.

3. College of Economics and Administrative Sciences:

    • Business Administration

    • Economic

4. College of Fundamentals of Religion:

    • Fundamentals of Religion

5. College of Arabic Language

    • Arabic Language ​

Registration at Preparatory Course (Available)

• Priority is for applicants whom holding Very Good GPA at Secondary School Certificate

Registration will be commence at the specified date of Summer Calendar from 01/08/1436 H until 10/08/1436 H

For assistance and help, kindly call the unified number 920001580

OR: Throughout the direct chatting from 8:00 AM until 20:00 PM