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 Campus Dormitory

​​Campus Dormitory:

A) University Student Dormitory:

It is one of the major factors positively affecting the lives of university student. And that is due to the major role played by the Deanship of Student Affairs represented in the Department of Housing, which sought to create and provide a regulatory social, educational, cultural and sporty environment, providing students plenty of opportunities to develop their abilities and demonstrate their skills and meet the needs in the presence of specialists in the field of social and psychological care and education throughout the day.

The  Dean of Student Affairs ensured to find workers who specialize in this area, and that is due to the major role they play towards the student helping in solving the problems that he suffered, especially the social, psychological, and to create the right atmosphere for him and other students for the betterment of them to the highest level of educational attainment and that is due to the direct supervision of the units of residential buildings through the offices of social control available in each housing unit within the housing, which is one of the most prestigious residential units in the world in terms of quality, implementation and integration of services available to them. Moreover, each unit consisting of four residential floors of complete services and equipment.


The objective of the university housing is to create the right atmosphere for students to enable the student from full-time study and research and collection, under the supervision of Dean of Student Affairs, that offer these services under the general policy of our country, which is interesting to find the student the right place, so that he can produce and be a good building block of this nation.

 The creation of this scientific edifice came to avoid the drawbacks resulting from scattered places of students housing and the dispersion of the efforts of its employees due to divergence, in addition to their location in dual, noisy and crowded places,  making the student seeking for  what is more quiet, especially when he wish to search or studies. One of the main objectives:

      • Provide an opportunity for the seeker of knowledge to benefit from what provided by the country - endorsed by God - of facilities and services.
      • Realization of the principle of Islamic brotherhood between the student and his fellow residents in the area of housing.
      • Creating the right atmosphere for the student to devote himself to study, research, collection, and to be scientifically superior to be a good member in society.
      • Assist the student and care about him, solving what may become of economic or social problems.
      • Investment of leisure-time of the student in the purposeful programs and a variety of activities (cultural, social, art, sports) to develop his personality and highlight his talents.


      • Its position in the University City, and close to the educational modules and Deanships Central Library.
      • Sitting lounges to sit, rest and hospitality in all buildings and floors. 
      • Kitchens with ovens and additional refrigerators in all the buildings and floors.
      • Elevators and stairs leading to all floors.
      •  The University presents religious and worldly awareness to students through preachers and scholars committed in their faith and dedication.
      •  Students' stay in university housing helps the university to oversee the student's health, where there are medical services available in the University City, which conducts medical tests for housing 
          students each semester.
      •  The housing student benefits from the student club which is in the center of the housing area in exercising all cultural, social, sport and artistic activities.
      •  Students benefit from the main restaurant that offers low prices meals under the supervision of supervisors and specialists in nutrition.
      • The students take advantage of all the facilities in the housing area (food supply, laundry, barber, business center, a photography center and mobile card phones).
      •  The Students benefit from the major pathways and shaded pedestrian that link all the residential blocks with other facilities.
      •  Students benefit from sports facilities, which contain all specialized facilities :- the main stadium, indoor sports hall, volleyball courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, covered swimming pool, open 
          swimming pool; this to practice all activities free of charge.
      • Adjusting housing for people with special needs.
      •  The return of the housing system helped to modify the behavior of students and helped them in not mixing with bad friends because of the regulatory environment supervised by specialists in this field.


The students' housing area consists of 81 residential buildings, which are divided into three categories:-
First class: - single accommodation (rooms).

This type of housing has been allocated 50 buildings; each building is composed of 80-90 rooms.
Each building has the following:

      • Office for the administrator with interior room and a bathroom.
      • A lounge serving 20 rooms, each lounge (unit) contains four halls; each hall has a telephone line to serve the students.
      • Equipped kitchen to prepare coffee and tea in each hall.
      • There is a depot in each lounge (unit) that has a washing machine in addition to a service room.
      • There is an electric elevator in each unit that serves all floors.
      • Billboards that contain administrative decisions, the announcement of lectures, seminars, scientific lessons and student activities.

Each room contains:

      • Private bathroom.
      • Wardrobe.
      • Refrigerator.
      • Library shelves.
      • Desk, chair for reading and study.
      • Single bed and mattress.
      • Clothes hanger.
      • Each Student takes: 2 blankets, 2 bed sheets, pillow and pillow bag.
      • Air conditioning (old and hot).
Category 2:
 Double Accommodation (apartments):

This type of housing has been allocated 13 buildings; each building is composed of 20 rooms. This category divided into two parts:
The first part, which consists of eight building blocks, has dedicated to grants' students.
The second part, which consists of four building blocks, has dedicated for Saudi students and inner scholarships students that wish to live in a sharing housing.

Each apartment of these two sections contains:
      • Private bathroom.
      • Kitchen equipped with refrigerator, electric stove and so on.
      • Bedroom is equipped with three beds.
      • Cupboards for clothing and personal items.

Category 3:
 Professor-assistants and lecturers residence at the university (apartments) :-
This type of housing has been allocated 10 building blocks; each building is composed of 20 rooms.
Each room contains:
      • A private bathroom.
      • A bedroom that is equipped with a double bed.
      • A hall that contains western style decor.
      • A desk for the student.
      • A telephone line for each apartment.

Housing Fees:

First category:

The rental value of this class is 1125 riyal per semester, in addition to a payment of 500 Riyals deposit on the room that will be returned to the student after his evacuation of the room.

Second Category:
      Section (1): grants students live free, as stated in the Regulations of the housing from the ministry.
      Section (2): the rental value per semester is 675 riyal, in addition to a payment of 500 riyals deposit on the apartment that will be returned to the student after his evacuation of the housing.

Third Category:
Anyone wants to dwell in the university housing has to pay 6000  riyals for the apartment each year Or he can pay 3000 riyals for half a year, with paying also 500 riyals in the form of insurance that will be returned when he evacuates the housing without damages. Also he has to pay the estimated value for services rendered to him like water, electricity, telephone and other services that are determined by the university.

B. Housing for married students:
These homes are allocated to house married students in order to create the right atmosphere for them and to inspire the spirit of peace of mind at them through the presence of their families, which leads them to achieve the goal that they came for which is the educational attainment of religious Sciences, Arabic and other sciences, also to be a Goodwill Ambassador and a facade to his country.
 Among the goals of these houses also is to achieve understanding and harmony among the students and families from different nationalities and countries.


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