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 A Message from the University Rector for All its Members

H. E. the Director of Imam University, Prof. Dr. Ahmed bin Salem Al-Amri All university employees - in general - and faculty members - in particular - to work with sincerity and dedication.

He also urged them to be in contact with the highest officials in the career ladder, in order to solve the problems facing them, in order for the work to proceed properly and efficiently.

H.E. emphasized that the faculty members should pay attention in their assignments to their students in the quality, not the quantity, hoping that they facilitate their students, focusing on the main learning outcomes in the scientific subject, and provide psychological, moral and academic support to male and female students, positive motivation and encouragement in this circumstance That the whole world is going through.

  H. E. thanked everyone for their work in serving the university and the homeland in this exceptional circumstance.

4/27/2020 5:01 PM
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