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 King Abdullah City Celebrations

​On Sunday, King Abdullah City celebrated the 90th National Day under the guidance of Dr. Nouf Al-Ajmi, Vice President for Female Student Affairs, she encouraged the celebration of the National Day Through a time plan for the activities in a week for everyone to express their love and loyalty towards the homeland, while taking preventive measures to confront the Corona epidemic.

The activities included various programs, competitions and video shows, The Department of Information and Communication has made ceremonial pillars, and the University Vice Presidency for Female Student Affairs, the University Agency for Knowledge Exchange and International Communication, the Deanship of Information Technology, the Deanship of Human Resources, the Deanship of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Deanship of E-Learning and Distance Education, the College of Science, and the College participated in the celebration. The social sciences are represented by the Department of Psychology, the Department of Administrative Affairs at the University's Agency for Female Student Affairs, and the Department of University Safety and Security.

The anniversary of the unification of the Kingdom by King Abdulaziz, strengthens the national aspects, and we live what our country has achieved, especially what it has achieved in education.

12/22/2022 3:05 PM
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