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* Copyright          


The contained information herewith, which provided by “Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University”, are for general and education purposes only. Although Imam University will do its best efforts to make it as much as updated, it often renders a reasonable care to ensure its completeness, validity and credibility as well as its availability. Therefore, the user reliance, upon the contained information, would be under his /her fully responsibility.

Imam University and its administration do not bear, in any way, any damage or losses arising from using or dealing with the portal, whether directly or indirectly.

Imam University Portal may contains of other links to various websites, which are admittedly not under the control of the administrators nor its contents and availability. Then, the availableness of such links does not meant entirely the approval nor the propping up of Imam University to these ideas and attitudes therein.

Personal websites of the faculty staff members which located in the appropriate domain are under their control and any ideas, views and opinions contained-in are the sole property of the faculty member and do not represent the university in any way.

Despite of the exerted efforts, Imam University do not guarantees the availability of the portal pages and as well do not bear, in any way, the responsibility of any damages and losses arising from the unavailability. 


Publishing Rules

Imam University Portal is managing by Deanship of Information Technology and its attributed departments directly. This includes all information and contents contained therein, and using of Imam University Portal means the acceptance of User/ Researcher/ Student/ Stakeholder to the rules contained therein.

Imam University welcomes the contributions of writers, researchers and specialists in the fields of Islamic, Humanities, and Applied Studies with attention to cultural issues in the Arab and Muslim world, and the civilized renovation and structure, as well as the issues of instructional and educational development. Imam University through this Portal well publish creative productions of writers according to certain rules designed to spread the benefits to all.

For the purpose of safeguarding the identity of Imam University and provide an enriched content contribute in serving the community as whole, kindly be adhere with the following[s]:

   *  Portal should not be contained what is contrary to the philosophy of Imam University in dialogue and expression.

   *  Do not exposure to people, agencies and institutions by defamation, depreciation, insult or slander.

   *  Do not publish programs of illegal copyright, trademark or intellectual property rights.

   *  Quoting of any protected-copyright content strictly prohibited unless approval from the source has been obtained.

   *  Names of programmers and IT consultants, whether from in or outside the university, strictly prohibited, for Imam University is havingowned
       copyright and programming rights.

   *  Praising, promotion, correction, or support of each deviated intellectual thought and futile beliefs strictly prohibited.

   *  False links and URLs that being contrary to Islam or intending to harm Saudi National Security are strictly prohibited.

   *  Do not put any image shamelessly or contrary to the teachings of Islam, or any pictures that hurt souls.

   *  Publication features must use to serve the academic and scientific purposes of Imam University.

   *  Publishing art photos of women of any kind is forbidden.

   *  Any publication that agitates or threatens sectarianism, racialism and tribalism is not permissible.

   *  Research should not been published or sent for publication in other journals, the researcher might not re- publishing his published-research.

   *  All contributions should be in accurate perfect Arabic language and mentioning of Holy Quran verses must be fully true with its numbers.

   *  Every member must refrain from advertising and promotion of non-university goods and services, unless he gains permissions.

   *  Imam University Portal is not binding to publish any content or text nor it abiding with specified times for publishing.

   *  Opinions and thoughts contained herewith are not the Portal opinion and it expresses the views of its author

   *  The Portal is not hold responsible for any copyright or trademarks infringements.

   *  The Portal is in no case accountable for the alteration or loss of any content or text causing from technical turbulence or development works.

   *  The university's name, its seal, the word mark, and the university logo are among the words and symbols that owned by Imam University
       and protected by law. Use of trademarks must comply with the prior permissions.


Data Use Policy    

This statement provides an explanation of the rights and duties of Imam Mohammad bin Saud Islamic University Portal and its affiliated sites and its users. Therefore, Imam University is committed to protect your identity and to ensure your privacy. This Statement shows Imam University practice in dealing with your personal information in relation to data , whether on the Internet or on PCs only . If you give us any personal information, so we will deal with it according to this policy.

Collection of Information:
The type and amount of information received by Imam University are depend on how the user utilizes the university portal. User can access almost all the pages of the portal without informing the university his/her identity and without disclosing any personal information. Imam University do not gather any information can be identified by which the identity of the user (such as name, address, phone number or email address) , unless the user decides to provide such information; for example, when he/she request a service or apply for advertised jobs or join workshops or forums.  In such a case, Imam University will clarify the purpose of the request whilst.
Personal data provided by the user via Imam University Portal will remain under wraps, and it will be safely storage for the required purpose that they were given only. Such provided information will not provide to third parties except under the permission of the user himself.

Access Right:

Imam University retains all the rights to prevent or restrict the entry of any person to the official affiliated portal, or block access to it through any online link at any time and without giving any reasons.

Cookies :

When you visit some pages on the University website, your computer might be issued with a small file – a “cookie”. Cookies are small pieces of information sent to your computer and stored on your hard drive to allow the University to recognize the user when you next visit. The University uses cookies to aid the user experience by providing a feature to save you time and to tell the web server that you have returned to a specific page.

You have the ability to accept or decline cookies. You can set your browser to refuse cookies or warn you before accepting them. However, if you choose to decline cookies, you may not be able to fully experience the interactive features of the University websites you visit.

 Links to External Websites:

It is worthy to note that, there are many links in Imam University Portal which may direct to other websites not affiliated with the portal and not within the university domain ( Such sites do not operate according to the privacy policy of Imam University Portal, so we recommend visitor to have a look over the privacy policies of those sites before disclosing any identifiable personal information.

Imam University Portal Changes and Disclaimer:
Imam University reserves the right to change the contained information herewith at any time without prior notice. Although Imam University does its best efforts to ensure the accuracy of the contained information, but it cannot guarantee the accuracy or provide any whatsoever kind of guarantees with respect to the website or its contents (including any text , graphics, advertisements , links or other).

In addition, Imam University does not provide any guarantees, express or implied, regarding the absence of viruses or defects in the content contained-in or regarding providing of these contents without interruption or without errors.

Changes to Privacy Policy:
In order to maintain this portal and the supply and development of its services in the future, Imam University may change the terms of this policy from time to time, and in such a case, alterations will be displaying on this page so that the user is aware about them. User continuing use of Imam University Portal would be based on the approval information contained herein.

Publishing Policy for Faculty Members and University Affiliated Departments:
All internal pages and websites of Imam University, whether faculty members, colleges, or affiliated departments, are subject to this publishing policy and all specified departments are bear the responsibility for the published content.
All ideas, opinions and content published in the websites of faculty members are subject to full control by them, and they are bearing full responsibility and do not represent Imam University in any way.