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 Management of Student Club

​​Management of Student Club

Student Club is one of the most important social and cultural facilities inside the university campus, whereas it is a platform for cultural, social and sport activities, beside the hobbies of all university students in general. A number of occasions and events were taking place there such as lectures, symposiums, cultural competitions, poetry and literature nights, as well as training courses, which develop the talents of students and expand their knowledge, such as: Computer Courses, Calligraphy, Electronics, Automobiles, Electricity, and English, as well as specialized courses in Sharia. 

The Club, likewise, holds in cooperation with some governmental departments and NGOs, many exhibitions in computers and electronics, books, and weeks for blood donation. It also has included a Sports Hall equipped with the latest devices, and a snack bar with service to broadcast several useful scientific, cultural, religious movies for students, as well as some films about the activities at the university

11/6/2019 1:38 PM
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