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 *President of Imam University Inaugurates "Foundation and National History Research Center" on Founding Day*

​Today, on Tuesday, February 20, 2024, His Excellency President Prof. Ahmed Al-Ameri of Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University inaugurated the Center for Research on Founding and National History. The inauguration coincided with the anniversary of the founding of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

 Distinguished attendees at the inauguration included Vice President Prof. Mansour Al-Haidari, Vice President for Educational Affairs Prof. Fahd Al-Luhaidan, Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research Prof. Abdullah Al-Tameem, alongside several college deans and department heads from the university.

 The center's primary objective is to strengthen Saudi historical identity, enhance knowledge of Saudi history, and promote national awareness. It aims to elevate the quality and effectiveness of historical scientific research on the establishment of the first Saudi state and national history. Additionally, the center seeks to contribute to the realization of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 and the university's overarching goals.

 During the inauguration ceremony, President Al-Ameri expressed his pride in the university's association with the name of the founding Imam, Mohammad Ibn Saud. He emphasized that the "Foundation and National History Research Center" bears a great responsibility and extended his wishes for success in achieving its intended goals. He expressed his hope that the anniversary of this significant occasion would be celebrated annually, marking the center's national achievements.

 President Al-Ameri highlighted the center's role as a unique institution in the Kingdom, serving as a specialized scientific resource for historical research and studies. It will document sources and information related to the founding day, while enhancing cultural and intellectual awareness of the university's history, the Kingdom's heritage, and its civilization. The center also aims to promote authentic Saudi national values and transmit them to future generations.

 Furthermore, President Al-Ameri stressed the importance of extending the center's reach beyond the borders of the Kingdom. Its objective is to introduce national history and the early stages of the state's founding to a broader audience. The center aims to produce valuable research and studies that will serve as a reference for both national and international audiences, becoming a beacon of knowledge for those seeking to understand the history and establishment of the Kingdom.

2/21/2024 11:35 AM
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