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 E-Portal Policies

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​Last update 26/05/2021

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Terms and Conditions​

All information available on the webpages of this portal belong to Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University and are intended for general and educational purposes. Although we do our best to ensure the completeness, correctness and accuracy of the information, the university does not explicitly or implicitly guarantee these properties. Therefore, you are solely responsible for the use of the stated information on the portal. It is worth mentioning that by using the portal, you agree to the specified terms and conditions, Otherwise, you must not use any of the services offered on the portal of Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University.

​- Terms of use
As stated above the UNI's portal is available for personal use, and each user is subject to the terms and conditions of use besides the regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general. The user's access/entry to the portal and the use of available electronic services shall be deemed unconditional agreement on the terms and conditions of use.
These Terms and Conditions are subject to continuous update and modification as required, and any modification or update to any of these Terms and Conditions shall become effective immediately upon adoption and posting on this page without notification and your continuous use of the portal constitutes an implied agreement on the modified terms and conditions.

- Terms of Use
Your use of the UNI's portal entails abiding by the following:
1. Publishing on the portal is limited to academic purposes only.
2. Whatever opposes the philosophy of IMSIU regarding the ethics of dialogue and freedom of speech should not be published
3. Persons, entities and institutions should not be slandered insulted or defamed.
4. Any copyrighted content (software, materials, data, or other information) cannot be published nor quoted without permission.
5. Any deviant thought including its figures shall not be commended, praised, promoted, corrected or supported.
6. The portal cannot be a window to spread, promote, distribute, circulate or share any piece of information or content that is considered illegal or a threat to national security, and above all that may violate the Islamic Law or breach other regulations: pornographic, indecent or offensive to public morality.
7. All types of content and comments that provokes sectarianism, racism, tribalism and regionalism in all forms cannot be posted.
8. The classical Arabic language shall be official language, avoiding slang and poor style, spelling and grammatical errors as much as possible, while ensuring that the Quranic verses are written correctly, including the number of the verse and the title of the surah.
9. Products or services cannot be advertised via the e-portal without having a prior approval from the portal administrator at the Deanship of Information Technology at IMSIU.
10. The portal administration is not obligated to publish any topic or adhere to a specific time for publishing or re-publishing.
11. The opinions expressed on any topics belong to the author -as individuals- not necessarily the university.
12. Names or logos found on the UNI portal cannot be used without prior permission.
13. Transferring or copying any of the contents of the UNI portal is not allowed without prior permission.
14. Engaging through the portal and its services in illegal or illegitimate activities in Saudi Arabia is prohibited.
15. Using any means or programs as an attempt to affect the correct operation of the Portal is forbidden.
16. Actions that impose heavy load on the portal's infrastructure are forbidden.

- Links to and from the UNI e-portal
1. Inserting any e-links related to the UNI's portal within any other website or in any framework is prohibited and violates the terms and conditions.
2. Contents that do not fall within the domain of (, such as trademarks, logos or signs in all forms, or any other means either used or shown on the sites linked to this portal, are not in any way the responsibility of the UNI e-portal.
3. IMSIU portal reserves all rights to stop and block any link from any website that contains anything that violates the university’s policies, the law or violates any intellectual property rights, privacy rights or rights of publicity.
4. The UNI's portal cannot be responsible for the contents available on any other website accessed through this portal, or were accessed from it to the portal.
5. The UNI’s website contains other links to various sites that are not under the control of IMSIU. Thus, the UNI and its administration do not have any control over the nature, content or availability of these sites, and the provision of these links on the UNI’s website does not reflect in any way the UNI’s approval or support for any of the ideas or trends they promote; that is to say checking such links to access those sites or portals is under the user's sole responsibility.
6. Efforts have been made to make sure that the broken links - that do not work - are replaced by other sites, but the UNI cannot guarantee that these links will work permanently. ​

- Copyright and Intellectual Property
1. This e-portal of IMSIU is directly managed by the Deanship of Information Technology and its departments including all information and materials contained therein, and it is important to add that all contents of the portal are fully protected in accordance with Saudi copyright, trademark and property rights regulations.
2. All intellectual property rights to the contents of the portal are owned by IMSIU, unless otherwise provided.
3. Any materials or content from this portal shall not be sold, licensed, leased, modified, copied, reproduced, reprinted, downloaded, advertised, transported, distributed or displayed publicly, edited or used to create any derived work, for the public or for commercial purposes without prior written consent of the University.
4. It is strictly prohibited to modify the contents of the portal without obtaining permission, and the editor will be accountable for such modification.
5. The graphics and images published on this portal may not be replicated or exploited in any way, without prior written consent of the program administration.
6. Faculty websites in the domain assigned for them are under the full control of faculty members, therefore, any ideas, views or opinions contained on those websites represent the faculty member themselves; they do not represent IMSIU in any way.

- Limitation of Liability
1. The user is solely responsible when utilizing the portal, thus, the University and its administration do not bear in any way, neither directly nor indirectly, any damage or losses resulting from using the website or dealing with it.
2. The portal administration is keen to check and test its contents at all stages of production, however, the protection of your device, as a user, and your data is entirely your responsibility and the UNI is not considered responsible for any loss, interruption, or damage to your data or computer or any browsing device that may happen while connecting to this portal or even when using any content from it.
The University provides no guarantee, neither expressed nor implied, that the materials on the website are error-free or that they are delivered uninterrupted or faultless.
- Termination of Use
IMSIU reserves all rights to prevent or restrict any person’s access to its official portal without prior notice and for any reason, including violating the terms and conditions of use or any other behavior that we ''the UNI'' may consider in our own discretion to be in violation of the UNI’s policies or harmful to others.

Privacy Policy

This policy illustrates the rights and duties of IMSIU portal and its affiliated websites and users. IMSIU is committed to protecting your personality and ensuring your privacy- as a user, and this can be shown through the way the UNI deals with your personal information with regard to data, be it online or offline on your PC only. Accordingly, if you give us 'the UNI' any personal information, we will treat it in accordance with this policy.
- Collection and Use of Electronic Information
The type and volume of information that IMSIU receives depends on how the user utilizes the UNI’s website. Users can access most of the pages of the website without revealing their identity or any other personal information, and IMSIU -on its website- does not require any information that may identify the user, such as: (name, address, phone number, or e-mail address), unless the user decides to provide one item of these information, as in for instance, requesting a service, applying for advertised jobs or registering in workshops or forums. However, if such personal information is requested, the purpose of the request will be spelt out.
The personal data provided by the user via IMSIU website will remain confidential, and stored safely for as long as it is requested for only. Importantly, the information provided by the user will not be given to third parties without the user’s permission.
- Information Security
All information provided by the user is highly protected according to our measures of security. The website also encrypts information that is considered sensitive beside any data that must be kept confidential in accordance with legal requirements.
- Cookies
The website may store the so-called cookies on your computer when you access the site, and these files are stored only for several technical purposes; as to recognize you when you visit the website again which in turn enables you to follow your current session while browsing the webpages. Surely, it is not among our goals to make advantage of them for any other purposes unless there is a legal and official request to do so.
You -the user- can reset your browser to refuse all cookies or to ask you before accepting any cookie; However, as a result, you may lose some of the website's features or services.
- Other Websites
The fact that many links to other websites are available on the UNI's site, which are not affiliated with the UNI and are not within the domain (, emphasized the importance to point out that such websites do not work in accordance with the privacy policy of IMSIU website, therefore, the honorable visitor is advised to review the privacy policy of these websites before disclosing any personal information indicating its owner.
- Modifications to the Privacy Policy
The UNI reserves the right to update the Privacy Policy at any time without even a prior notice. As a result, the user is recommended to look at the date below this webpage to know the latest update.
- Agreeing to the Privacy Policy
It is necessary to highlight that your use of IMSIU portal indicates your agreement to the privacy policy alongside the terms and conditions governing it. Therefrom, if you do not agree to this policy, you shouldn’t use any services offered on the portal.