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Review Information of Female and Male Students of 8th Semester 1434-1435 H

Service No.
Service Url Review Information of Female and Male Students
Service Type Academical
Servie Description

​Confirm the student's written name in Arabic, must be true with what stated in ID card, including the presence or not of the words (bin or bint).
Confirm the mobile number registered.
Add student’s name in English as stated in Passport or any other official document

Fill-out graduation form, and deliver it to the Alumnus Department (Male Students), and Admission and Registration Department (Female Student).
To access Self-Services, click here.
Click here to illustrate the method to enter your name in English.
To request Graduation Form Male Students – Female Students.

Service Completion Duration 2 Day \ Days
Service Provider Unit Type Deanship
Service Provider Unit
Admission Deanship
Target Categories Students
Service Form User Manual Rules and regulations
Download Service Form
Download User Manual
Download Rules and Regulation